Sondra Healy

Tradition Cloth

An entrepreneur from Long Island, NY who wanted to create a product based on a unique family keepsake.

While freelancing, I had many clients, but this experience was one I found exceptionally rewarding. Originally, I was approached about writing product copy for a craft product. However, once the client shared with me the uniqueness of her soon-to-be product, and its history, I knew it needed much more than copy.

I worked with the client on creating an entire brand identity and copy to assist it. We worked on copy first, originally, as she said she already had designer. However, after seeing the first piece, I knew we had different meanings for the term designer. So with much trepidation about losing a lot of money, I called to tell her how much I loved her product, but that it really needed something better. A logo, a tagline, product names, an overall look and feel to tie everything together—basically, a brand. I provided her with examples, as well as a list of possible designers. After seeing this, she was on board—and I became much more than a writer, but an account director and partner for the incoming designer too.

In the end, I not only created the tagline, product names and content (much more than shown here), but also the overall experience of TraditionCloth. My courage was rewarded with a full brand identity.

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